Monday, 10 October 2011

for you :)

in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful

hyepp peeps !
korang semua sehat ke harini ? hope semua okayy okayy laa ye
start harini, fatien meng-oversea-kan diri fatien ke tempat orang
sebab ape ? sebab triple extra plus plus plus ngade ngade
nak cerita nihh hah
banyak yang nak diceritakan nihh
korang jadi pendengar and pembaca setia fatien ehh ? :)

The way I felt for you
 I felt it was very true

 Before you came along
 My life seemed all wrong

 But you came along and dried my tears
 You took away every fret and every fear

 You broke through my darkness and shined some light
 Like the sun you filled me with a warm delight

 You seemed to erase my past
 And I swore our love would forever last

 But today you told me what I feared
 You told me that our end neared

 You said the pain was too great
 And if I was to say something it was already too late

 You said you would miss my gentle touch
 But you did not want to talk again because the pain was too much

 You said you were not right for me
 You wanted me to spread my wings and be free

 You said "I want you to have the best, cant you see?
 I do not want to let you go, but this is how it has to be.

 You are everything I've ever wanted.
 It was to you my problems I confronted.

 Please forget what we had
 And darling, please dont be sad.

 Please dont cry.
 Please, please, just try.

 I love you
 And I know you love me too."

 You turned around and slowly walked away
 The pain was so great that "I love you" I was unable to say

 Over and over in my head
 It repeated all the things that you said

 I then remember that you told me to forget you and our love
 But how could I forget something I knew was sent from up above

 I knew that you wanted me to move on
 And that you would want me to stay strong

 And for you I will do that,
 Just leave my life where it is at

 And then start a new one
 And to shine and fill me with that delight I will find a new sun

 I will find someone that you would want for me
 Someone as perfect as you, you see?
cerite tangguh pulak lain kali ye ?
thankz for readin' peeps !
much love <3 :')


Rosalia said...

sweetnye gmbr kt bwh tu:)

nur fatinah mohammad shariff said...

aah.. gambar tuhh memang sweet.. hehe :)