Monday, 13 June 2011

will answers back

in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful

when we need to be separates cause of our own commitment
many obstacles we must face it
and when they ask me, i will answer your question
but asks me first before you think negatives bout me
but i begging all of you 
please and please dun think negatives bout me
i know where is wrong and right
and i know how to take care of myself from any bad things
dun judges me in wrong part
okeyhh.. tyme to speaks in malay

ade sorang kawan bagitau saya tentang lelaki
and i dunno either it is true or not
dia kata;
lelaki nihh kadang sebelum dapat, dok busy nak dapatkan kita
tapi bila daa dapat, dia akan kurang gives attention to us
sebab dia fikir and rase yang dia daa dapat kita
sedangkan perempuan nihh pulak lain
dia sukekan perhatian and perlukan perhatian
lebihlebih lagi dari orang yang dia rapat and sayang
tak kesaa laa dari family, kawankawan or their lover

dan saya tak tau sejauh mana kebenaran hal itu
i prefer to be alone fer a while

and one things a few people already know is
when we close with someone
we call them with sweet name such as
dear, sayangg and so on
doesn't mean we use this sweet nickname to our lover only
but we also use it to our friends
why ?
because it can make we become more close as friends
and know how far they cares bout us

i wanna take this oppurtunities 
to say soryy to everyone
and i hope everythings will return as before

i really mean it

really mean it 

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