Monday, 13 June 2011


in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful

thankz to Allah because give me oppurtunity to
see the world again and breathing like usual
although i had cough and flu fer almost two weeks
i still happyhappy yaww !
because life must go on ryte

maybe this entry quite boring and seem to be not too cheerful like everyday
as you see at the tittle on this entry
what it mean actually ?
mean i am speechless with everythings ryte now
its okeyhh
i will accept everythings yaww !
if someone want me to go away from his sight
i will respect it and do what they want
doesn't mean i agree with them but
wanna respect their principles :)

 i feel impatient to attend in Mr.Hadi's class tomorrow
thankz to Mr.Hadi because make me feel confidences to use english
doesn't mean i try to 'BODEK' Mr.Hadi to get highs mark in any tasks
but i sincerely to says thank you so much to him ! :)

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