Thursday, 12 April 2012

she with her smile.

in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful

she's an actress in her own theater of life

she was borned as a cute little girl who always smile

smile is her bestfriend for that time

she enjoys every moments as a child

day by day and time pass away

she's grew up as a beautiful teen

she kept smile like before

she tried to understand everything

she learned how to be mature

she had used her eyes to look and used her heart and mind to decides

her target now is to be an extraordinary women

being loyal towards her true love

tried to chase her dream and running to get it

she learned how to be strong

still smile even she had to face of many obstacles

because she knew that big girls don't cried

and till now,

this girl tried to colourful other's life with her beautiful smile.


kai said...

smile coz someone loves you!

nur fatinah mohammad shariff said...

jjyeeeaaahhhh !

and i know how to appreciates myself.
just put a big smile and sayy cheeseee ! :)