Tuesday, 6 March 2012

you you and always you :)

in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful

you make me laugh when you do a stupid joke

you make me feel angry when you cheat with me

you make me smile when i start to cry

you make me cry when you try to advises me

you make me tranquil when i'm with you

you like my second ibu and abah for me

you'll hug me tightly to make me believe with your words

you'll explain clearly about certain things when i feel 
suspicious with your behaviour

you'll let my own when i'm sulking with you

you'll find a way to settle my problem. the important things is 
think wisely to settle it.

you'll act weird when you try to hide something with me

you'll be honest about certain thing when i had discover about it

you'll says everythings is under control and will be okayy even i 
know you hide something from me

you'll be like a crazy person when you're with your friends
and honestly i feel easy with them

you'll never story anything until i asked about it

you'll act like a superhero who always control macho but sometime 
act like a childish when you're with me

you'll let me to make my own desicion where is good for me and our future

you'll treat me like a princess and make me be myself

you'll let me walked alone in my own ways and hold my hand when 
i take a wrong ways in my life

you’re my shrek and I’ll be your princess Fiona.
You’re my tarzan and I’ll be your jane.
You’re my batman and I’ll be catwoman.
You’re my gemokk and I’ll be your tembam.
You’re my imam muda and I’ll be your ustazah pilihan :’D

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