Thursday, 9 June 2011

petang yang suram

in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful

now with all the sad and sorrow
slowly mytears drop from eyes
i can't stopped it
please hold my hand and help me to stand up again
don't leaves me alone with the burdens on my shoulder
i need everyone to make me smile again

i miss my ibu and abah
i miss my kakak
i miss my adeq
i miss my friends
i need you
i wanna smile again
i know who i am
i know i can do anythings that can make me happy
i can't creates a beautiful smile on my face now
it's really hurts dear
really hurts and i can't through it by myself
please hear when i whispered in the deeply of my heart
that i feel empty and try to find some happiness

oh God !
please told them to encourages me
i need them much
U know what i feel and what i am thinking
oh tears ! please stop from out again
i am begging you because
i feel tired with all of the nonsenses things

please stop ! :'(

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