Wednesday, 15 June 2011

i'm lucky person

in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful
today i would like to writes bout

dont ever underestimate OKU

i saw them fer many times today
and it very weird fer me
doesn't mean i not respect and try to underestimate with them
but they make me realizes bout life
thank you very much

i saw them perform shalat
and go to classess and do anythings that normal person do
although they are disables to do a few things like others
but they struggle to success like normal person
and try to achieves their ambitions
i'm very speechless and it make me feel shame with myself
and keep asking myself and my mind can't stop thinkin

'' why i can't be like them and study hard to
achieves my goal too ? Allah had gaves me everythings
and i need to be grateful with it ''

oh god ! now i realizes that u had
created man with the advantages and disadvantages of each
and we need to do our responsibles in this earth
as khalifah and do our best to makesure
we get what we really want in our life
we must take it as guides and lessons in our daily life and keep remember that

they determine to get what they want

subhanallah ! they can do better than normal person
and try to asks urself bout it
they wanna do like normal person
and want success in their life

they dont like to burden with anyone

oh Allah !
please protect us and make us as thankful man
show us the right 
forgive all our sins are not grateful for all the blessings that You have given
reminds us if we are forget about You
 and bless us in any situations

please hear us Allah

pray always to Allah because He like when we do it

oh Lord !
please forgive us

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Ummu Hanan said...

Subhanallah..Sangat malu pada diri andai tak blh jadi sehebat atau lebih hebat dari mereka kerna kita punya diri yang sempurna sifat..:(
Nice sharing dear.. Salam perkenalan.. Terima kasih atas perkongsian ingatan..