Wednesday, 1 June 2011

testing mic.. testtest :)

in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful
today i would like to write down in this Mr.Bloggie
bout homework from Mr.Hadi
actually, i need to write three essays in this entry
maybe quiet boring and boringg
but i'll do my best to make this entry colourful likes rainbow :)

everyone had their greatest moment in life
just likes me
the greatest moment that i never forget is
my hostel's life when i am studied at KELANTAN
the best part is when i meet my besties and what make us become closely
people knew us because we are very gnarly and always do what ever we want and like
We are always punished for committing an offense in violation of dorm rules

one day, we want to go to book fair at Balai Islam and not asks permission from the wardens
we planned early to makesure wardens and exco never knew where we go
at KELANTAN, they call taxi '' prebet ''
we are very happy because no one knew our planned
and this is the best time to do bad things :D
when we arrived at Balai Islam, we only look at many books
actually, we dont want to buy any book at the book fair and only want to
feel free from hostel's rules that make us feel very uncomfortable

after a few hours at Balai Islam
we decided to go to Billion
for people who stayed at KELANTAN
thyey will knew how far from Balai Islam to Billion
its take 1hours or less if we are walking
fortuitously, i had use a high heels when go to Balai Islam
and that is my 1st time use high heels and walked to Billion
feel like glamour because people on the road keep watched us 
walked far with wear high heels and people maybe thinks that
'' ehh ! gila ke ape budakbudak nihh ? tak sakit kaki ke ? ''
huh ! foot pain ? ofcoz laa because its really far okeyhh
however, we still continued our journey to Billion with big smile on our faces

along the journey to our destination
one incident was happened and this tragedy make me feel very shy, laugh and also cry
when my besties and i story back this incident
the story begin when we passed the petronas shoulder of the road
tiqah, naza and me walked together and others were in front of us
i really hated dog much because when they always barked likes crazy
i hated it much !
then i saw a wild street dog
the dog was chased us
perghhh ! i tell u laaa
its was very funny moments
i ran away with heels, crying and screaming like crazy
everybody just see and watched it
very sengal laa with people near us

reached at Biliion
nothings we wanna buy
its really sengal
however, this is the greatest moments for me with mybeloved friends

the best things i wanna describe on why i need english
because i wanna challenges myself to speaking english with others
deficiencies and weaknesses of me is 
the lack of confident level

i was remembered when i in high school
i have a good and very kind teachers
u also can find her in FB too :)
she really understands with behaviour of the student
i respect her so much and she also one of my role model in english world

she teachs us to make a good and excellent essays in english
she told us to wrote at least one essay for one week
and she is very hardworking person and always makesure that her students will pass with flying colours
she also know that i really like english education and wanna continue my study in tesl english
but i can take that course
till now, she always gave me encourages to success no matter what course i had choose

and until now i writes an essays when i am free and boring
she did a great job to make me always get a good results
really thankz to her

english also can make me easy to talks with people
who are pro and gud in speaking english
altoough i know my english quite broken with grammar yang tunggang-langgang
hahahahha.. testtest mic.. sound check.. sound checkcheck.. ^^

the best way for me to improves my english is
absolutely with
# listenings music
i love to sang a english song
its make me feel relax, enjoys and cool
i love to hear english song when i feel down

# wrote an essays at least twice to week
likes my teacher said to me :)
to improves my english and know if we not use right grammar

 # reads a story book and try to find words that we not understand
its make me gain more knowledge and know a new words
and can use it in my daily life such as
'' loser.. double loser.. wutevaa morron ! ''
hahahahah :D

 # speaking with people who use english as their daily languages
altough i feel shy to talks too
but i try and do my best to speaking english with others

# use google translate
hahahah.. this is the best ways for me to learn english
when i lazy to use and open dictionary
i likes to use google translate
very faster.. easy for me and for people who also lazy likes me to use dictionary :D

^ wait fer my special entry.. the sweetsour stories with myBF and BF ^

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